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How does ERASER 80 plant work?
The Eraser 80 system is a machine for food waste recycling and it consists of a loading and feeding area of the separation unit, designed for packaged goods and/or organic waste from municipal collection.

SA.Eng designs plants for food waste recycling that have as working principle (thanks to their mechanic action) a high degree of package separation from the organic fraction contained in it.
The main separation unit is made up of a painted sturdy structure in carbon steel. The working rotor is installed with wear-resistant steel tools.

The unloading of the fractions is guaranteed by means of transport screws for both the packaging fraction and the dry organic fraction. The wet organic fraction is transported by means of a pump (optional). The functions of the complete food waste recycling plant are controlled by a single control panel equipped with a PLC.

What are the technical characteristics of the plant for food waste recycling EREASER 80?
This food waste recycling machine is the largest designed by SA.Eng. It is designed with two kinds of height: loading hopper height (about 3 meters) and load height (about 2 meters). The overall dimensions of the recycling plant are about 12 metres. The installed power is quite strong, about 45 kw. Other technical features about this food waste recycling plant can be found in the table below. 

SA.Eng is specialised in the design and installation of large-scale plants for food waste recycling, paying particular attention to the quality of the machine and the specific customer requirements. This machine for food waste recycling is perfect for big industrial plants that need to dispose of large quantities of food waste

SA.Eng is a company with 25 years of experience in the waste recycling field, particularly in the design of machines for food waste recycling. Thanks to its expertise gained from experience, SA.Eng can design plants for food waste recycling developed with customers and manufactured according to their specific needs, even with different dimensions. 

Food waste recycling is a highly discussed topic, especially with the campaigns against food waste carried out in recent years. When describing the dynamics linked to food waste, it is worth making a basic distinction between two fundamental concepts, 'food losses' and 'food waste':

  • Food losses are edible foods that get “lost” in production chain;
  • Food waste, instead, is the amount of uneaten food after being placed on the market, i.e. at the distribution and household consumption stages.

How is this linked to food waste recycling? 
SA.Eng is specialised in manufacturing food waste recycling plants. The plant allows the separation of the organic fraction from the packaging, thus reducing the material sent to landfill and allowing the recovered organic fraction to be sent to a biogas plant or for animal feed production.
SA.Eng knows the importance of reducing the environmental impact of waste, which is why for food waste recycling it has designed ERASER. 
ERASER is a plant that can collect food waste and separate it from its packaging; granting its reuse and the resulting reduction of the volume destined for landfill.

Safety in plants for food waste recycling.
SA.Eng provides for the installation of the plant for food waste recycling ERASER in total safety and in compliance with current regulations. Our engineers design customised food waste recycling plants for each company, taking into account each customer's specific needs. 

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Loading hopper height mm 3,000
Loading hopper width mm 1,800
Load height mm 2,500
Separation unit total length mm 3,000
Separation unit total width   1,200 (possible maintenance walkways excluded)
System overall dimensions mm 12,000 x 4,500
Installed power kW 45

Technical features may vary without notice


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